Death of a Time Traveler

Pubdate October   2021  Writers of the Future (link)

Story Summary: Time runs in a circle, beginning where it ends – but your father has always been out of sync.

Book Summary: Tba

Genre: Adult | Scifi

Anthology Editor:

Honest Tea

Pubdate TBD   2020  Schoolbooks & Sorcery - LGBTQ-Inclusive YA Anthology (link)

Story Summary: If Eloise could just pass her magic tea practicum all would be right in the world.

Book Summary: Take high school. It’s weird, confusing, complicated, and frustrating. It’s a time of growth and change, when teens start discovering what they’re made of and who they want to be. Now throw in magic. What happens? That’s the premise of this new YA anthology. Schoolbooks & Sorcery is what happens when you take all the normal ups and downs of high school, inject a healthy dose of magic, shake, stir, and serve.

Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy

Anthology Editor: Michael M. Jones

Prayer For A Gorgon Heart

Pubdate Feb 2019 Vulture Bones (link)
Genre: Fantasy | Grief

When The Letter Comes

Pubdate May 22ND   2018  Awakenings (link)
When The Letter Comes Henry knows it’s only a matter of time before an invitation to a magical world will come. It’ll appear through a puddle or a talking bat or a letter left on the doorstep–but no matter what it will be addressed to Henry and not her alien obsessed little sister, Gabriele.
Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy

currently out of physical print

Membership Optional

Pubdate November 17, 2017   Centropic Oracle (text link) (audio link)

Membership Optional: Jamie can’t breathe. Luckily there are options when one’s replacement lung ruptures. 
Podcast: Listen | Read
Genre: Scifi | Flashfiction
​Read by Candice Hunter

Beware of Doors

Pubdate November 12, 2014     Less Than Three Press
Beware of Doors: Theo is ten and he hasn’t so much moved in with his Aunt and Uncle as been pressed under their window—blown in by the storm that is his mother.
Book Summary: Missed Connections. Sometimes rediscovering a person and having new feelings can be just as intense as an initial spark. These men and women are ready to make up for any time missed.
Genre: Romance | Adventure | Fantasy
Anthology Editor: Tan-ni Fan

Currently out of print